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Orphus System

We welcome beginners and those who already have some skills in martial arts to our earnest competitive (Tomiki-ryu) Aikido classes in Moscow.

The classes are held in 6 halls located in the north and west of Moscow, led by experienced instructors who have attained black belt grades and undergone training in Japan. Our club has classes for beginners, and practiced students, for juniors, and seniors, as well as individual ones.

Tomiki-ryu Aikido or competitive Aikido is a modern Sport Aikido style, which goes along with competitions, and application of a rubber knife (tanto), wooden sword (bokken), and a stick (jo).

The classes include:

  • Study of the competitive Aikido (Tomiki-ryu);
  • Study of the classic Aikido;
  • Practice with training weapons: a sword, stick, knife, belt (rope);
  • Participation in competitions, festivals, and championships of Aikido;
  • Participation in seminars of Aikido under the guidance of the leading masters of Russia and foreign countries (Europe and Japan).

 Our halls are located on the west, north and south of Moscow, near the underground stations "Sviblovo/Botanichesky Sad", "Vodny Stadion", "Teply stan", "Dinamo", "Molodezhnaya", "Yuzhnaya", "Ryazansky Prospekt". The first lesson is free!

 The techniques used in Tomiki-ryu differ from those of other Aikido styles with its higher safety, while being reasonably effective.

 You can find more about our club, its history, and also about Tomiki Aikido in the section "About the club".

 You are welcome to our club and your children are welcome to the junior classes! Aikido will help you to:

  • Develop your physical strength, endurance, flexibility, improve the response.
  •  Develop positive thinking and discipline.
  • Master self defense techniques.
  • Develop your sense of danger.
  • Achieve mental peace and develop internal energy.

Welcome to the world of aikido!

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